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We offer exclusive, cost-effective and customised advertising options targeted to your customers. Our passionate dedication to the world of Spanish food and drink makes us one of the most popular web destinations for Spanish food lovers.

Why become a partner?

We offer our partners a package that will increase the presence of your business on one of the fastest growing websites in this sector.

Our visitors want to know about you.

So how does it work?

When it comes to searching for information about Spanish food and drink, more and more people are coming to our site every month. We provide high quality recipes, news, reviews and articles relating to the world of Spanish food and drink, and our traffic is growing monthly.

To improve the visitor experience we want to provide high quality, relevant links to specialist businesses in this field. Rather than relying on computer algorithms to decide what advertisers appear on our site, we want to recommend hand-picked and highly relevant partners to our readers.

Is my business suitable?

If you have a business related to Spanish food, drink, culture or travel then our visitors are your potential customers. We attract Spanish food lovers, wine enthusiasts, travel buffs; culture junkies, restaurant gourmands and amateur cooks; all looking for information about Spanish food.

If you think they are the kind of people who would be interested in your services then please read on.

The wonderful flavour of Ibericocina

A website born out of passion.

This website was created to share a passion for Spanish food that started many years ago. As the site has continued to grow, the passion has intensified and the project has remained focused on content rather than profit.

If you become a partner you will be helping us to continue to grow in size and popularity for the mutual benefit of all involved. This is why we have offer a flexible low-cost policy. We all have different budgets, costs and out-goings and no-one should be excluded based on affordability.

The one criterion we apply is relevance.

So, what does the package include?

All partners will get:

  • Your business logo placed on the partners section of our website with a link to your website or editorial page (see below).

Premium partners also get:

  • A full web page editorial dedicated to your business. The article will typically be 600-1000 words long and will introduce our visitors to your business, products or services. The page can contain pictures, quotes and sales-copy of your choosing, or we can write it for you at no extra cost.

Exclusive partners also get:

  • Promotion of your business on a weekly basis via our social media channels.
  • We can also review or promote any new products or services that you may introduce on an ongoing basis.

Optional extras:

  • In addition, further logo or banner positioning is available at extra cost, either on the whole website or on targeted pages. Prices for these spaces are avaialble on request.

How much do I pay?

Partnership packages are be available on a pay-what-you-like* basis renewable annually. This is to ensure that even new businesses with tight budgets can join in if they wish.

*There is minimum starting price for each package

If you feel that you can afford to pay a bit more to support our quest then we would be very grateful and will leave the final amount to your discretion. Partners who pay over certain thresholds will get the additional benefits outlined above.

If you are on a tight budget but would still like to benefit from the basic features described above, then you can pay the lower amount.

We have lots of plans to grow the site and have taken on some new writing talent to help achieve this. Much of the work is carried out on voluntary basis and your support would be appreciated. We hope that by working together we can create a network of like-minded businesses that can spread our shared passion of Iberian food and drink to the world.

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